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Donate to HVFD

Thank you for your past and continued support!  The Howard Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) is firmly committed to our mission, no matter the circumstances we face.  Our mission is to suppress fires, train and equip local residents as volunteer firefighters, to educate the public in fire safety, to assist the local ambulance service, to provide a variety of community support when requested, and provide mutual aid to local fire districts and BLM/USFS.  The HVFD is a 501c4 organization, founded in 1959 and incorporated in 1989.  As many of you know, HVFD is the only fire department in this area that is not a tax district, therefore we receive no tax funds.  All donations to HVFD are tax deductible.


We are a small, but dedicated, group of firefighters, dispatchers, and volunteers.  Here are a few things we have focused on this year and some that we have achieved in the past 12 months:

  • TRAINING:  We have had quite a few new members join the department.  We train twice a month and have participated in specialized training this past year.

  • IN-KIND DONATIONS:  We have received generous donations from other departments and the State of Colorado through the hard work of a few of our volunteers.  This effort has gained us TWO NEWER USED VEHICLES improving our overall response capability.  This saved the Howard community over $75,000.

  • ISO:  (Insurance Services Office) creates fire ratings for insurance companies.  Almost all residents of Howard are able to purchase homeowner’s insurance due to having HVFD.  We have been working hard with the donated equipment to outfit our trucks and are training twice a month to maintain and improve our ISO rating.  It’s a top priority for HVFD to improve our ISO ratings so that homeowners may be able to decrease insurance costs.

  • FEDERAL AND STATE GRANTS:  We have submitted Federal grants and are seeking State, as well as Not-For-Profit grants. 

However, considering all these efforts, we still require day-to-day operational funding.   There is a need to purchase a new Wildland Fire Vehicle (Brush Truck) to replace our aging vehicle.  Additionally, the traffic volume on Highway 50 has increased our incident call volume by 30%, requiring greater operating expenses.

How do we continue to improve and fulfill our mission?  Active volunteers, consistent and diverse training, great equipment and vehicles that can handle any situation.  How do you help?  More than ever, we need your financial support in a few key areas.  Please consider donating.


·ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET:  Our operating budget is over $35,000 yearly to heat our stations and maintain our equipment, among other essential needs.

·OUR VEHICLES:  Most of our vehicles are over 40 years old and need replaced.  This is essential to grow our department and to execute our mission accurately, safely, and effectively.  We are seeking to build a vehicle acquisition fund of $50,000, initially.  Please consider donating to this fund.

Please Consider Donating a minimum online donation of $200 or more to HVFD!

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