Volunteer with Howard Volunteer Fire Department


Please join us in giving back to our community. We are actively recruiting new members.

We have found that volunteering at HVFD is satisfying and rewarding. We learn new skills, break out of our comfort zones, and feel more a part of our community. We cannot function without volunteers.



No experience is necessary!

Contact us: volunteer@howardvfd.org

Volunteers must be a resident of the fire protection district.

General Volunteer Requirements

•Age 16 and older

•Good physical condition – physical limitations can be accommodated

•All professions and education levels

•A good driving record/clean criminal record

Initial Training Requirements

Within three years of your joining HVFD you are expected to complete the following training courses:

•HVFD Orientation

•CPR – BLS Healthcare Provider

•S130/190 Basic Wildland Firefighter

On-going Training Requirements

•You are expected to attend 36 hours of training yearly.

•24 of those hours should be HVFD sponsored fire trainings.

•This includes HVFD sponsored fire training at Colorado Fire Camp

Station Duty Requirements

Station duties are the routine tasks that must be performed on a regular basis to keep the HVFD and its equipment functioning. These include tasks such as…

•Cleaning your station and apparatus

•Maintaining tools and equipment

•Participating in HVFD committees

•Public education/Prevention classes

•Pre-planning structures